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Nova Scotia Sprints – Bud Myra Memorial Regatta

The Nova Scotia Sprints Bud Myra Memorial Regatta is hosted annually by Row Nova Scotia. It is the largest rowing regatta in Nova Scotia taking place over 2 full days of racing on a fully buoyed 1000m course on Lake Banook in the heart of Dartmouth, N.S. This regatta features events for all ages and skill levels ranging from Junior, Under 23, Senior, Masters, and Para rowing in boats ranging from singles to eights.

The Nova Scotia Sprints regatta is named in memorial of the late Bud Myra. Bud Myra is synonymous with the sport of rowing in Nova Scotia. Myra died in 1999 at 68, leaving a void in Nova Scotia rowing that will likely never be filled. His passion made his presence a constant feature at Dartmouth’s Mic Mac and North Star Rowing Clubs for more than four decades. In the late 1950’s, Myra won two harbour championships, and in 1969, he won silver with doubles partner Bob Sawler at the first ever Canada Summer Games (before the imposed age limit). Since then, he has been coach, mentor, supporter and friend to countless young rowers, and has been involved with every Summer Games team, usually as boatman. Over the years, Myra introduced hundreds of Dartmouth children to rowing, perhaps his most tangible contribution. But his gift of offering words of inspiration and simple wisdom may have been his greatest talent. Due to the event being cancelled in 2020 due to the COVID pandemic, the 2024 racing of the Nova Scotia Sprints – Bud Myra Memorial Regatta will mark it’s 51st year.

The 2024 Nova Scotia Sprint – Bud Myra Memorial Regatta will be held on July 13 and 14, 2024.

Regatta Package

2024 Nova Scotia Sprints Regatta Package

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Registration will open on June 12th and close on July 7th. Registration can be completed on Regatta Central.

Regatta Draw

NS Sprints Draw – Saturday

NS Sprints Draw – Sunday

Regatta Results

Results will be posted at the base of the tower during the regatta. Final results will be posted here at the conclusion of each regatta day.

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