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Row NS Participant Fees

Through extensive consultation with Rowing Canada Aviron, other provincial rowing associations and review by our board of directors, the Row Nova Scotia board has approved a new provincial participant fee structure that will align with Rowing Canada Aviron’s (RCA) new fee structure, which will take effect on April 1, 2018 for all rowers across Canada. This new fee model establishes a balance for all rowers in our community while continuing to deliver a high-level of service to all participants. The Row Nova Scotia fee structure will see a modest increase for recreational participants and the introduction of a per seat fee for competitive rowers at all regattas. The provincial fees charged to all clubs will remain unchanged. To see a detailed description of the RCA’s new membership model click here – RCA Membership Model

Below are the details of the new Row Nova Scotia participant fee structure:

    Every rower will pay a base participant fee of $15. This fee will be paid through club membership and then submitted to RCA. RCA participant fees are additional.
    There is no flat participant competitive fee under the new model. Rowers that participate in any sanctioned competitive event throughout the year, including provincial and local regattas, indoor rowing competition or touring events in Canada, they will pay a “seat fee” of $1.75 per race event. For example, if a rower chooses to race three events in one regatta, they will pay $5.25 “seat fee” to Row NS. RCA seat fees are additional.
    Please see the attached document for examples of how the expected Row Nova Scotia and RCA participant fees will increase under the new model: Projected Participant Fees.

The new Row Nova Scotia and RCA participant fee changes will come into effect on April 1, 2018.

Row Nova Scotia
Board of Directors

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