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Development Group: Introduction to Performance Training

This group will target athletes who are in the LTAD “Learn to Train” stage of development. The aim of this group will be to enhance their home club’s current training environment by targeting three key areas:

1) On water fundamental skills or ”boat sense” in a small boat environment, with very low coach: athlete ratios
2) General fitness and physical readiness to receive Provincial Team level training,
3) Provide enhanced the technical, tactical, physical, and mental training skills that promote high quality training.


Development Group athletes will be receive 2-3 coached sessions per week with the provincial team coach or assistant coaches; the sessions will be highly individualized to suit the learning needs of each athlete. The sessions will be physically and technically intensive, and will take place in singles, doubles, and pairs as well as on the ergometer. There will be monthly mini camps that will track the athlete’s skill and physical development.


Athletes must continue regular training at their clubs, and must accumulate at least 8-10hour of training per week. Work with this group will not replace work with the athlete’s home club. Athletes are expected to attend at least 4-5 sessions per week with their home clubs.

For athletes under 16 (U16) years of age athletes may choose to accumulate their training hours through “complementary sports” (eg. Swimming, hockey, cross country skiing, speed skating, long distance and middle distance running, etc..); though rowing should be the primary sport focus for the summer months. During the winter months U16 athletes participating in complementary sports should continue to train for rowing 1-2 days per week.

Athletes under 14 (U14) year of age are encouraged to participate exclusively in a complementary sports during the winter months. U14 athletes wishing to take part in indoor rowing training on a year round basis (full time or part time) should discuss this option with the provincial and club coaches.

How to Join

There are two ways to be invited into the group:

1. “New Talent” may enter by talent identification – athletes who achieve “all light green scores” on Rowing Canada’s Row to Podium TID physical testing protocols will be offered an invitation to the group.

Row to Podium Development Group Standards

Open Men<73kg MenOpen Women<60kg Women
Leg Press700580400390
Arm Press300280150140
Arm Pull450380200190
Arm Leg Bike85857070
Please note: Athletes entering the Development Group will be expected to pull the “existing talent” ergometer standard within 10 months of joining the group.

2. “Existing Talent” may enter by achieving the Development Group ergometer standard in a coach supervised testing environment at the athlete’s home club.

Development Group Erg Standards

Erg standards effective March 1, 2019.
MenLTW MenWomenLTW Women
Under 176:53.0-7:59.0-
Under 196:46.0-7:53.0-
Under 216:39.06:59.07:47.08:00.0
Under 236:32.06:52.07:40.07:50.0
Senior A----