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COVID-19 Update – April 26, 2021

Given the new restrictions imposed on the Halifax Regional Municipality last week, and the rest of the province today, Row NS encourages all members to remain close to home, limit contact and follow all guidelines provided by the Province of Nova Scotia.

Please be sure to refer to the Province of Nova Scotia website for more information and details on the current restrictions in your region.  Any restrictions provided by the Province of NS supersede any guidelines outlined by Row NS.

Clubs in the HRM

Under select circumstances, some rowing is permitted in the HRM. Rowing Clubs may elect to allow this rowing to occur – or not.

Rowing in the HRM may take place ONLY under the following circumstances:

  1. Rowers live within close proximity to the rowing club;
  2. Rowers use their own personal single scull and oars (one person; one boat). There will be no sharing of any equipment; and
  3. It is safe to row, according to the club’s cold water rules.
    1. It is further recommended that rowers who go out wear a PFD, and/or go out with another rower in another single (while maintaining 2m distance at all times and not exceeding the 5-person gathering limit).

Further, HRM Rowing Clubs must ensure that:

  1. Access to their facility (only to retrieve or store personal equipment) is limited, and the facility must comply with all current COVID-19 Nova Scotia Public Health regulations.
  2. Access is only granted to boat bays and docks – not offices, bathrooms, locker rooms, etc.
  3. All physical and social distancing guidelines remain in effect, including current gathering limits.
  4. Proper protocols are followed for cleaning and disinfecting equipment prior to and after use.

The following activity is NOT permitted in the HRM:

  1. Organized rowing, including but not limited to lessons, come and try events, practices, training, and competition.
  2. Coach and/or safety boats are NOT allowed on the water.

Clubs outside the HRM

Clubs outside the Halifax Regional Municipality may offer rowing under the following guidelines:

  1. The gathering limit is 25 people;
  2. All COVID-19 protocols are followed, including rules for proximity and sanitization;
  3. Training groups must remain consistent: the same 10 people may train together (including in crew boats).

Further, Row NS recommends that if clubs outside the HRM wish to operate, they limit services to experienced rowers.

Row NS strongly recommends that clubs exercise an abundance of caution regarding cold water, in addition to pandemic considerations.

We will continue to update clubs, should the guidelines change.

Row Nova Scotia Board of Directors

Row NS Update – April 26, 2021

For full details and information follow the links below:

Province of Nova Scotia COVID-19 Restrictions and Guidelines

Province of Nova Scotia COVID-19 Gathering Limits

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