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Training Guidelines and Considerations

We encourage you to stay active to maintain your health, but it’s imperative that you train smart and safe. The following information was developed by Dr. Mike Wilkinson, Rowing Canada Aviron’s (RCA) Chief Medical Officer and Jordan Clarke, RCA’s NextGen Sport Science Lead.

  • Self-isolation is recommended for everyone. For those who are in self-quarantine for reasons of recent travel, symptoms, or contact with cases of COVID-19 MUST remain indoors; no outside exercise allowed.
  • Athletes should exercise at home but may exercise in wide-open outdoor spaces if available and if it does not violate the municipal and provincial directives.
  • You should not exercise in large groups, and maintain distance from others (>2m at all times), and you should not come into contact with frequently touched surfaces of any kind.
  • The focus of athletes’ exercise programs at this time should be to maintain general health, not to achieve world-best performance capacity.
  • The optimal dose of exercise from an immune system point-of-view is moderate-to-vigorous aerobic activity (60-120 minutes per day of moderate-intensity activity). Maximal or very high intensity training is not contributory.
  • Resistance training to maintain lean mass is good; work with whatever equipment you have available, perhaps just body mass, inertia and gravity!
  • Now is also a good time to work on things like stability, balance, and flexibility.

Physical Training Resources

Foam Rolling

Warm-Up Exercises

Main Component Exercises

Mental/Wellness Training Resources

COVID Mental Performance and Wellbeing Rowing – Chris DeWolfe, Canadian Sport Centre Atlantic

Coaching Resources

  1. NCCP Coach Initiation in Sport (in the locker – $15)
  2. Rowing Essentials (in the locker – $15)
  3. NCCP MED/Make Ethical Decision
  4. Safe Sport Training (in the locker – free)
  5. NCCP Coaching Athletes with a Disability (the locker – $15)
  6. NCCP Online Module – Sport Nutrition (the locker – $20)
  7. Other NCCP Multisport Modules (the locker)
  8. RCA Webinar Workshops (register on the RCA website – weekly)
  9. CSC-Atlantic Coach Socialization (