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Beach Sprints

Beach rowing sprints is a head to head race between boats where each team starts on a beach. The team runs from the start line between 10m and 50m to the edge of the water, gets in their boat, and rows the 250m, three buoyed course out and back. When they reach the beach each team must get out of their boat and run across the beach through the finish.

To become a good coastal rower, crews must be aware of tides and currents, learn about the course’s topography and know what to do in the midst of maritime traffic and in case of bad weather.

Regatta Package

2022 Nova Scotia Beach Sprints Regatta Package

2022 Emergency Action Plan

2022 First Aid Plan

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Coaches can register through Regatta Central. The deadline to register is July 13th at Midnight.

Regatta Draw

The draw will be posted once entries close. 

Regatta Results

Results will be posted in the week following the regatta.

Past Results