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About Us

About Us

Row Nova Scotia is a non-profit organization that works to grow, promote and develop the sport of rowing within the province. Running off a long standing legacy of achievement, Row Nova Scotia is constantly striving for excellence and the pursuit of speed from its rowers. Row Nova Scotia takes pride in the development of its clubs, athletes, coaches, umpires and volunteers. Row Nova Scotia works closely with its clubs to promote rowing excellence at all levels of the sport.


Row Nova Scotia is an active Provincial Rowing Association (PRA) with Rowing Canada Aviron (RCA) the national governing body of rowing in Canada.  Row Nova Scotia an active member and Provincial Sport Organization (PSO) affiliated with Sport Nova Scotia.

Currently Row Nova Scotia has five member clubs.  Three rowing clubs in the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) including Halifax Rowing Club, North Star Rowing Club, and Mic Mac Rowing Club. Outside of HRM there is the Antigonish Rowing Club located in Antigonish, NS and the Lunenburg Yacht Club Rowing located in Lunenburg, NS. Within these five clubs, Row Nova Scotia has approximately 600 active members and counting.

What Is Rowing?

Rowing is a lifetime sport. Rowing can be a recreational sport focusing on technique, exercise and well being or competitive sport where athletes compete to achieve levels of high performance.  Unlike many sports, rowing’s venue is the beautiful tranquillity of nature on the water and can be practised individually or in crews of two, four, or eight.

Rowing is incredible full body workout that uses nearly every muscle in the body.  However, rowing is an extremely technical sport that forces rowers to strive for perfect synchronization in the boat, clean catches of the oar blade as it drops into the water and powerful strokes to propel the boat across the water.